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deseri rice portait and brand photographer

Hello there, I'm Deseri Rice, a couture studio portrait photographer with over 10 years of experience, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Inspired by Vogue Magazine, I'm the proud owner of Au Courag Studio + Gallery and also work as a photo retoucher.


My vision is to introduce self-care to an all-inclusive celebrity portrait experience, and I love nothing more than helping first-time professional photo clients overcome their fear or anxiety of portrait sessions. I believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in front of the camera, and my aim is to help you unlock that side of yourself that you never knew existed.


My notable clients include John Casablancas Talent and Model Agency, Flying Solo for NYFW, designer Alan Fagnidi, and more. I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with such incredible brands and individuals, and it's an honor to see my work published in magazines such as L’AMOUR, Vigour, ELLAS, and MALVIE.

But it's not just about the glitz and glamour for me. When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me jamming out to my favorite tunes. Music is a major part of my life and is essential to my creative process. And speaking of creativity, I'll never forget spending hours editing all my MySpace profile images with Blingee and creating magazine covers. Cringeee! They may not have been the best edits, but it was clear from a young age that I was passionate about editorial images.

So, if you're looking for a photographer who is passionate, skilled, and dedicated to capturing your true essence, look no further than me, Deseri Rice. Together, we'll create stunning images that showcase your beauty and unique personality. Let's work together to make you feel confident and beautiful in front of the camera!

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