Born and raised in Atlanta, GA., Deseri has always been inspired beard and the process of creation. It wasn't until after taking a photography elective class at Georgia State University that she decided photography was her exact calling. After graduating Georgia State with her bachelors in studio arts in 2014, she decided to pursue that calling with photographing music artist along with fashion and beauty. She fell in love with making everyday people feel like models and bringing out their inner beauty. Also, being surrounded by so many talented music artist gave her the opportunity to help improve their image branding. Her goal is to continue to help elevate the brand her clients envisions through her lens as well as create personal projects. Aside from commercial work, she uses photography as her creative outlet to push different concept boundaries including fashion and beauty. She is heavily inspired by Contemporary African and African American art. 

Notable clients and projects includes NYFW with Flying Solo Inc, designers Musicci, Alan Fignidi, producer VNTG JAG, and in house photographer for Make it Shake Band.